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Hi my name is Alexander!! Thank you for coming and checking out my page.  Time is something we all love and value tremendously, probably because it is one of the only things we spend every single day and we can’t buy more of it.  We can choose to spend our time with wisdom or vanity in mind. My prayer is that when you came across this page, the time you spend here and visiting would bring a major blessing in your life. I hope that my life being poured out opens you up to a new experience that helps you not understand me, but see the Lord inside of me. That you would be encouraged to dig deeper in your walk with him and understand some of the consequences of that decision (all to his glory).

I’m so glad that God has given me time to spend with you on something that I was completely insecure of.

Ever since I was young I always wanted to be a writer and an actor. I loved to imitate others and understand why people were the way they were. Like most children, every time I met someone new, I asked them tons of questions to try to find out who they were, what they liked, and why they liked it. I always wanted to relate to other people and find out what them and I had in common.


October of 2012 I had an encounter with Jesus where I saw a demonic spirit leave my body that looked like a Butcher. After struggling with a sexual, drug, and alcohol addiction I suddenly felt empty and free of those things, but I knew I needed to replace that emptiness with something. Outside my apartment I invited Jesus into my life.

Instantly, he began to bring me back to all the memories and sins that I had consciously chosen to do that I knew were wrong. In tears, I broke down, fell to my knees, began weeping, begging, crying out and asking Jesus to forgive me, “Jesus, I am so sorry. Please give me a second chance. I know that I am not perfect, that I cannot do this anymore on my own. I’ve been trying so hard to do everything in my life without you. If you give me a second chance I will do everything different. I am going to never stop trying. I may fall down 1,000 times, but I will stand 1,001. All I ask is that you be patient with me and help me.”

Minutes later, I began to try to run away from how I felt. Literally run away. I found myself next to a tree with several police and emergency medical services surrounding me. Having been in his presence, looking at his white robes, and surrounded by his light and angels on my left and right. I couldn’t lift my eyes because I was in so much shame. But Jesus openly accepted me and since then I’ve struggled a lot and fought through a lot of adversity. But I made Jesus a promise, and he took me pretty serious when I made it; and I took him pretty serious when he died on the cross and allowed himself to be crucified for me to live life abundantly for him.

Thank you for reading, I am blessed to be pouring my life out here and cannot wait to see what more the Lord does through you!

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~AB, aka Coach Pineapple